Install WordPress Click to Deploy on Google Compute Engine

by Fred Osei

This tutorial guides you on how to install the Click-to-deploy version WordPress on Google Cloud without stress.

First, you need to sign up for the free Google Cloud Trial if you don’t have one already. Please watch the step by step guide here >>> Host Your Website for Free on Google Cloud.


Getting Started…

1. Click on the Navigation Menu icon from your Google Cloud Dashboard as shown below

2. Click on the Marketplace link from the menu as shown below.

3. Click on the VirtualMachines link from the left pane as shown below.

4. Click on the Blog & CMS link from Categories in the left pane as shown below.

5. Select the WordPress Google Click to Deploy Version (be sure not to select anything either than the Google Click to Deploy version) as shown in the picture below.

6. Click on the LAUNCH button as shown below to deploy your WordPress Instance.



7. a) Choose a deployment name to suit your business as highlighted in 1 or leave unchanged.

7. b) Choose a zone as shown in 2 or leave unchanged (a zone is where your data will be stored or the server location, should be close to where most of your customers come from).

7. c) Customize the machine type as in 3 or leave unchanged (recommended).

7. d) Enter your preferred Admin email address as in 4 (The e-mail address you enter will be used to create the administrator account for your WordPress Website).

8. Select a Disk Type as in 5, either SSD or HDD (SSD is faster but expensive).

9. Enter your preferred storage value as in 6 (10GB is the minimum and should be enough for a starter, the higher you adjust the higher the cost).

10. Be sure to tick the “Allow HTTP traffic from the internet” and “Allow HTTPS traffic from the internet” buttons as shown in 7 & 8 and then click on the Deploy button.

11. a) Congratulations on your new WordPress Click to Deploy Website, click or copy and paste the Site address shown in the screenshot below to view your newly installed WordPress website.

11. b) To login into your newly installed WordPress website, click or copy and paste the Admin URL into your web browser and hit the enter key, log in details to your newly installed website are shown in your deployment screen just as in the screenshot below.

That’s it.

I hope you found this post useful and that you have been able to install and setup the WordPress Click to Deploy Version on Google Cloud.

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